Gold IRA Reviews Of The Best Gold Investment Companies

To make an informed decision on gold investing, you should first read several gold IRA reviews.  By now you know the importance of a gold IRA, and certainly you have already heard about how gold has a strong staying power as an investment vehicle for retirement.  I am sure there is no need to convince you that a gold IRA investment is an excellent way to build up your retirement account.  However, how well your gold retirement plan does can be greatly be influenced by how good your gold IRA custodians are.  Investing in good long-term assets such as gold and silver is not the only factor that will determine your success when it comes to enjoying  your retirement.  You also need to make certain that you are working with the best gold IRA custodians who are very knowledgeable and experienced in this area.

gold ira investment

What Gold IRA Custodians Can Do For You

Gold IRA companies used to be fairly rare some years ago.  Initially, the IRS didn’t permit any precious metals for IRAs.  However, as the demand for flexibility in retirement accounts started to become more vocalized, more self-directed accounts started to emerge as of quite recently.  However, even at that point, the IRS didn’t require custodians to offer gold and other precious metals.  Now these companies must adhere to strict gold IRA rules.

Nowadays, concerns about the performance of retirement investment portfolios has reached its all-time high.  Increasingly, more investors are wanting to diversify their investment portfolios even further, which includes wanting more options such as precious metals in their retirement plan.  Custodians have responded to these demands by offering broader gold and investment options that can be purchased for retirement investment accounts.

The following reviews of precious metals IRA custodians are all active participants in the retirement investment field.  They each offer a wide range of assets to choose from.  Their services vary in terms of the level of quality and efficiency each provides.

Reviews of Gold IRA Companies

• Merit Gold

The company does have a dedicated branch that offers IRAs for individuals who are interested in investing in precious metals for their retirement.  However, the general public is the main focus of much of Merit Gold’s business.  Make sure you don’t purchase any of the company’s other coins or rounds offered for sale that are not suitable IRA investments.

•Regal Assets

This company is no ordinary gold IRA custodian.  Regal Assets is absolutely fanatical when it comes to precious metals.  The company provides excellent education on the long-term staying power of gold investments.  In addition to offering IRAs, the company also works with the general public. They have been added to the INC 500 list for 2013 as the 20th fastest growing financial services company in the U.S.

Regal Assets encourages everyone to make gold investments.  Some of their clients invest in gold through their IRA contributions.  For those currently making precious metal purchases, the company recommends physical gold.  Regal Assets not only makes recommendations but also helps with arranging gold product deliveries to your home.

» Opening a Regal Assets Account

Among gold IRA custodians, this is by far the best option.  Regal Assets offers the same wide array of services as other custodians.  However, they also offer new clients a complimentary kit which makes the gold IRA rollover a very smooth process.

This is very critical since it can be somewhat tricky opening precious metals IRAs.  For example, if a mistake is made when transferring funds, you could be end up with unexpected taxes in the form of penalties.  Regal Assets are experts when it comes to performing rollovers without any complications.

Gold Ira Investing

For a Regal Assets gold IRA account, click on bullion on the gold menu located on the homepage of their website.  All of these assets are appropriate for an IRA.  Bars and coins are both listed.  Included in the gold coins are favorites such as Canadian Gold Maple Leafs and American Gold Eagles.  There are also more exotic options listed, like Mexican Gold 50 Pesos.

If you are looking for the best gold IRA where safety and security is top priority, Regal Assets is your choice of the best gold investment companies.  The company’s dedication to gold IRAs far surpasses the commitment of other custodians.  Regal Assets is fully prepared to assist you in your gold IRA rollover by supplying you with gold to place in your gold IRA account right away.

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